Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yeah I called you a Fat Boy!

   My son and I were walking through a store the other day, and this girl came around the corner talking to her parents.  She was trying to get them to remember a certain girl, and she referred to her as the "chubby" girl.  That statement raised the question "how is a chubby girl, referring to another girl as the chubby girl"?

   As of the end of 2014, I realized that sitting on a couch and consuming as many beers as possible, probably added to my gut.  My huge gut!  I was walking into rooms belly first, which is just horrible.  However, every time I went to the Doctor for anything, he would sing and dance..."you're not fat, just watch your salt intake", or "everyone says they cannot breathe".  There had to be a reason for wanting to change, other than looking like Normy off of CHEERS.

   I can tell you this, I work with several people that I consider kids.  Twenty something, wet behind the ears, kids.  Kids that are still in the time of their life, when they can work all night, stay up drinking beer, have a hangover, and get over it with a greasy burger.  I also work on a tightly knit team where I am looked to for leadership, being the example, and making good decisions.  That was part of my decision, the bigger reason is for my kids.  I don't really think they want to see their Dad have a heart attack at 41.

    "Easier said than done Bearpaw"...Bullshit.  This started the weekend before New Years, 2014, and as of March 2015, I am 30 pounds lighter.  I don't run marathons, and increased my cardio only slightly.  So what did I do, does it matter?  If I was to say I did Paleo, or the Cookie diet, or WeightWatcher, would that matter?  I don't believe so, what I think the reason for any of my success is simple, SELF DISCIPLINE.

   "Yeah right fat ass", well it's true.  Self discipline to me is doing the right thing, even if you think nobody is watching.  So I am on a fat loss, run of self discipline.  I have stopped drinking the beer like water, I have given up sugar and grains, and processed foods.

    If you were now to hear me call out in a furious fist fight on the street "where you going FAT BOY", it's because of my self discipline that has allowed me to do so.  If you don't like me calling some asshole a Fat Boy because it's fat shaming, I'll work on my apology later.