Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Disclaimer

Oh the disclaimer, how could I forget?  Why would a “Blogger” need one and who cares?    There is an overall goal here; however like in poker I can’t reveal it all just yet.

In the movie Talladega Nights; Ballard of Ricky Bobby, he has the best use of a disclaimer that I can think of, “with all due respect”. He says “with all due respect, I didn’t know you had experimental surgery to have your balls removed”.  Right there, he has the disclaimer, and is pretty much home free with no worries.  Well, Ricky Bobby is fictional and a race car driver.

Do you need a disclaimer for your First Amendment right?  Should I worry about the fact that I have an opinion, and that opinion may offend someone…ABSOLUTELY!  So when I offend you, or you think that I should have kept the BearPaw mouth shut, then with all due respect “I don’t give a rats ass”.

Therefore, the overall goal of this very short diatribe is to protect you.  Pay attention to what you say, who you say it to, and who you represent.  If you are representing yourself, without the backing of your friends, family, employer, then remember your disclaimer.

The opinions in this blog do not in any way represent those opinions of any employers or anyone associated with a BearPaw outside the Bloggoshpere.  Cheers!

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