Monday, December 22, 2014

Shut it down

     For weeks on end this country is getting ripped apart by the liberal media.  Millions of Americans  sit on the arses, turn on their social media, and are spoon fed thoughts.  These are some dangerous times, deadly times for the men and women in blue, and something has to change.

     I had to find my own way to deal with the constant barrage of bad news, the never ending stream of emotions that were full of pain and anger, and rightfully so.  Cops all over this country are being targeted, they are being ridiculed by the President down to the street dweller, and there is no push to stop violence against them.  So the tension builds, fueled by social media and liberal media.

    This is my solution...shut it down.  Can I really expect to shut down liberal media or social media outlets, uh...NO.  What I did however, is I deleted my account.  I made the conscious decision to stop feeding into the constant barrage of shit, and look at life through my own eyes.  

    My point to all of this is to change it.  Change the channel Bro! Take the time to shut that crap off, stand up for what is right, and find another way.  My son and I make YouTube videos and it is done for a couple of reasons, for some quality Father/Son time, and hopefully a little bit of important information as well.  I am soon to make a parody of all these NFL personalities and celebrities standing up against domestic violence and sexual assault.  It's about time someone stands up for Police Officers in this country.  Where are these NFL players when a Cop is gunned down?  Where is the celebrity when the Cop is killed leaving behind a family having to cope without their loved one?  Hell, I don't know but since they are not on Facebook standing up for those Officers then SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN! 

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